Founded in 2014, the Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP) is an incredible experience for high school students. TROP is a student service that enhances students knowledge about university, using presentations and tours of the Ted Rogers School of Management. These presentations and tours give students the opportunity to meet some of the brightest students at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

Originating from a small group of motivated individuals, the Ted Rogers Outreach Program quickly expanded into a team of over 50 student leaders, ranging from Business Management to Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

The Ted Rogers Outreach Program want to bridge the barrier between high school students and commerce undergraduates in order to help them easily transition into university. TROP looks to provide future students with a greater understanding of the opportunities at Ryerson University and related fields of industry. As a member of TROP, you are able to share your experiences with your old high school and become a student leader.

Our incredible members create opportunities for high school students to meet undergrads as well as professors. Our team consists of amazing student leaders, who pride themselves in trying to help guide future peers to their true potential. If you are interested in having TROP present or give a tour to your students, please fill out an application on our High School Contact Form page. If you are interested in joining TROP, please sign up for our newsletter to receive updated information about opportunities.  


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Mentorship Program

Are you a high school or first year university student? Are you looking for guidance on how to navigate through university? Well look no further! TROP is now offering a mentorship program! In our mentorship, when you sign up, you will be paired with a TROP member who is in your program of study or in the one you are looking to get into. They will be able to help you out with everything from time management, to study habits, and even exam prep. 

How does the program work?

A TROP team member (the mentor) will be matched with a high school or first year university student (mentee). The mentor will then be able to share valuable information with their menses about: transitioning into university, time management, study habits and many other topics. Mentees will contact their mentor on a needed basis. 

To register for this amazing opportunity, use the following link to sign up: bit.ly/1QxdhlO

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at tropcontact@gmail.com