Founded in 2014 and originated from a small group of motivated and passionate individuals, the Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP) is a student service that enhances high school students' knowledge about university, using presentations and tours of the Ted Rogers School of Management. This experience allows students the opportunity to meet some of the brightest individuals at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

TROP strives to bridge the gap between high school students and commerce graduates to ease the transition from high school to university/college. We look to provide future students with a greater understanding of the opportunities available at Ryerson University and the related fields of industry. 

Our team consists of amazing student leaders who pride themselves in guiding future peers to maximize their true potential.

If you are interested in having TROP present or would like to book a tour with us for your students, please fill out an application on our High School Contact Form page. If you are interested in joining TROP or staying informed about our events, please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.  


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